Pat Coutts Award for Excellence

2022 is the inaugural year for this award to be given in memory of the late Pat Coutts, who was the driving force behind the Four Oaks Trade Show’s success over five decades. 

Pat demonstrated excellence in everything she did, always going the extra mile, as do so many people in our industry. This award gives the opportunity for customers/colleagues/bosses/employees to recognise the professionalism, talent and dedication of the many stars workingin our exhibiting companies. Everyone nominated will be celebrated on social media and in a display at the show – if they agree to be, of course!

Three people will be chosen, one each from the categories based on company size, by a panel made up of two judges from HTA and two from Four Oaks. Winners will receive a certificate and £100 gift card award supplied by HTA as sponsors to be awarded at the Exhibitors Supper after day one of the show, in House T.

Just complete the details below and tell us why your nominee is excellent. You will automatically be sent a copy of your form that you can forward to the nominee, who in turn can inform us if they’re happy to be publicly recognised (if we don’t receive their approval their entry can’t be counted in accordance with privacy principles).

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